Sunday, October 1, 2017

Georgian College

Georgian College  is a private institution that was founded in 1876. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 5000, its setting is urban, and the campus size is 500 acres. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar.

Creative arts are a big focus at Georgian College, and every student must take at least one creative arts class before graduation. Nearly all undergraduates are expected to live on campus.

Students can have plenty of fun at the school’s annual events. Locations of Georgian College includes Barrie, Ontario and Canada.

Georgian College is also a private institution that puts students first.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Usak University

Usak University is a public (government - national, funded by the Turkish government and Ministry of Education), research based university and it is placed on the coastal, western part of Turkey city of Usak. Usak is a small and vibrant, dynamic city and also improving which provides many more opportunities for international students. This is why more and more international students prefer to study in Usak University.

Usak University has more than 1000 students and many of these students live on the campus as this university offers great on-campus dormitories and great facilities for all students.

Recently, during the almost five and ten years there is this trend that many and more of international students also choose to study in Turkey and Usak is one the cities that they choose to live and study. Currently, there are more than 100 international students studying in Usak University. And this makes Usak University as one of the great universities to study and work in the Turkey. According to our research many of the students and international student studying in Usak University are funded by either Turkish government or Turkish scholarships which makes Usak University a great cosmopolitan and diverse environment and also provide them with lots of great things to do.

Here is more details about Usak University;

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Study in Turkey in 2017

Applications for Study in Turkey for 2017 has started. Be quick and don't miss this chance.

Why Would Study Abroad in Turkey?

Dear students. I would like to take this chance to thank you because of your interest in studying in Turkey. Let me tell you some more tangible things about Turkey. Studying in Turkey will definetely give you much more opportunity to explore the outside world and will make a citizen of world. Because, Turkey is located at the one of meeting points in the world and everybody think that Turkey has such a geographical power. All the experts in that field will tell you that the position of Turkey may be one of the best positions in the world. Also, Turkey is regarded as one of the best possible countries in the world. Some years ago Turkey was the fastest growing country in the world. This year and the last year, the growth rate of Turkey was slowed a little bit, but still Turkey has posted a significant  growth in the latest years. I, personally, hope that this is going to be a lasting trend in the upcoming years. But you never know whether the growth rate of a country will be high o low, you can only hope that it will be good. 

There are also some instances you can find your way by looking at them. If you would look at the rankings of the universities in the world, you can see that many Turkish universities are listed there. This is not happened by accident.

Friday, May 1, 2015

I know that time and time I mention that Turkey is a beautiful country and this is not a lie. I am pretty sure that anybody who travelled to Turkey at once or any expert about travel would agree me about this topic. However, today I would like to give you information on a different thing; the economy of Turkey. Turkey has a strong economy and getting even more stronger. If you ask any economy expert they are going to tell you that Turkey is going to be one of the best economies in the world in a short time. There are many reasons behind that, a strong policy, a strong work force and power force. Also, the government of Turkey is strong so can it can give the country a boost. Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and there are no reason it is not going be that. I know many experts do not agree me on that but I can foresee that Turkey is going to be one of the strongest economies in the world by the year of 2023. Of course, 

Republic of Turkey has founded in the year of 1923 so the year of 2023 marks the 100th year of Turkey. Turkish government made a lot of plans regarding to that and the government predicts that Turkey is going to 5th biggest economy in the world by the year of 2023. And, what can prevent Turkey from being the top economy in the world in 2023? The answer is : nothing.

Turkey is one of the most important marble countries in the marble countries in the world. Turkey produces a good amount of marbles and those marbles are not just for the use of Turkish people, to use in domestic market in other words, those marbles are to sold everywhere in the world. You can ask who buys the Turkish marbles? A lot of don’t know it, but Turkish marble is one of the most popular marbles in the world. It looks good, has a  good quality and of course in good value. It is cheaper than the marbles in the other countries. Turkey marbles are so easy to sell and maintain it’s form for many years. That’s why many people in the other countries prefer to buy Turkish marbles over other marbles. So, you guys can make out that if you study in Turkey, there is a good amount of money that you can earn. For example, there are many decent universities in Turkey to study international trade. One student can try his luck to study in international trade department in a private Turkish university, after his graduation that student can go and try his luck to start a company on international trade or try to find a good luck to find a job that pays him a good amount of money. There are many companies out there, in Turkey or international companies, who are ready to pay a lot of money to give a student who is graduated from a Turkish university.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

How to Choose Where to Study in?

First things first, if you would like to get a university education, you have to know what it takes to get a university education. Otherwise, it would be impossible for you to get a university education. Applying to a university is not a big deal but study in a university is quite a big deal. First of all, just like any other thing  on the world studying in the university has its own cost and benefits. It requires some capital. It requires some other stuff as well. For example, you have to go through your normal and formal high school education and complete your high school education first. After that, you have to make a search online and learn about the universities and the higher education system. Some students are planning to attend a Turkish university and study in Turkey while other students are planning to attend a vocational school and other type of schools. Vocational schools in Turkey are also great and offer many financial aid and scholarships.  It depends on what type of a school a student would like to attend and what type of a major the student would like to study. Their mindset and their father’s mindset is also a factor.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Where You Should Study? United States, United Kingdom or Turkey?

Recently we got a question from one the student who says she would like to study in Turkey but she does not know what she needs to do and how she needs to do it. She says studying in Turkey is her dream and to realize her dream she has to do something but she is clueless and she does not have any idea what she needs to do. So we tried to help her, of course we try to help her as we are the people who like to help fellow students, friends and other people on the world, every one of the seven billion people in the world. But we have to understand that we had to help her better, because her situation was kind of sensitive, in fact her situation was very much sensitive because that was her dream to study in Turkey, and if you take away one person’s dreams from him or her, what would he or she need to do then? We understood that for her studying in Turkey was not just a situation, it was her dream, her lifelong dream maybe. So, as I said before we tried to help her out and thanks to God it worked.

Here is some quick information for prospective students who would like to study in Turkey as well. You have to understand that applying to Turkish university is very easy and getting an acceptance is even easier. But still it takes and requires some legwork and footwork. These are the steps.

First, you have to decide; you have to decide what major would you like to study in a Turkish university. Because deciding is very important. This is the first step, the very first step but maybe the most important step. Because if you would make mistake when deciding which university to attend, it would affect your whole university life and ruin your adult life as well. Also, do you guys remember that there are some young people who are asking me why they need to study in Turkey? I don’t think this is a logical question, furthermore, I do not think this is question that makes sense. So, when somebody asks me this same kind of question nowadays, I know that I have only one thing to do. The only thing that I have to do is I turn back, go find where that students was and reply him or her as ; “Why not study in Turkey?”. Because, what I think was this is a much radical question, is not it? So, when it comes to like this. I know that there are much quality universities in Turkey, consider about there are Harvard University, LSE London School of Economics University, there are also Boston University, Stanford University, Yale University, New York University, NYU, New York State University, City University of New York.. I know all of these. Make sure that. Also, there are a some people who underestimates the power that China has right now. Because it really does not make sense. Most of the people think that China is still and underdeveloped, poor country which produces crap products with low quality. Are you serious? Really? This is a type of question that I am really bored of hearing, it does not make any sense. Come on now; it was 30 years ago. Okay, that was correct back then. 30 years ago China was an underdeveloped country with no strong economy and people were right to assume that Chinese products are crap and as well as Chinese people are poor in general. During that time if a product is labeled as “Made in China”, that would mean that the products is in low quality and is worthless. But, you have to give credit to Chinese people because they are very much hardworking people. I bet that if you travel all around the world, you are not going to find any people more hardworking than Chinese people.  So, when you see a Chinese person you have to understand than that person is probably more hardworking than you are.
Anyway, I do not want talk about Chinese today and I would like to talk about Turkey. What I am trying to say is studying is Turkey is good and you will have many opportunities after you are graduated. That’s why I am always telling to people around, let it be the students that I talk to online or other students that I encounter on fairs, student fairs or higher education fairs; you be better think about Turkey. Okay, we all know that studying in United States has much more advantages, right? You can also say the same thing about United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. But, to be accepted to a American university, or an British, Australian or Canadian university is really hard.  Also, those universities are very much expensive. Do you have any idea about the tuition fees of Harvard? Or New York University? Or, MIT, Stanford etc.? I do not mean to say that it does not worth it, it would definitely worth it. But, what if you do not have that much money and your family also do not have that much money? Then, what you should do?

I think most of the folks who read this article already know that studying in one these countries, United States of America, United Kingdom of England, Australia and Canada, is very much expensive. So, what you should do? Of course, the answer is consider studying in Turkey. Why not? Think about it. In most of the Universities in Turkey, medium of instruction is English; which means it is no different than a university in United States. If you study in United States, United Kingdom, Australia or Canada, the medium of education is going to be English, same with Turkey. Also, you have to make sure that Istanbul is no different than New York, London, Sydney or Toronto, as beautiful as those cities; if not more beautiful.
Okay, folks. That was it for today. Hope this post was clear enough. Was not it? Ok, it depends. I have to admit that. However, please keep in the mind  I will be writing many other post day in and day out, so please bookmark this website, my blog and come back the other day to read my the latest post.